Sunday, August 22, 2010

Who Gossips More? Men or Women?

Trust me, any excuse I give is going to be lame. So, won’t give any. Sorry friends. Henceforth, I will surely try my best to be regular in updating my blog. And yes, thank you so much everybody for motivating me and giving me the push to resume the writing. Here’s the first one after the long long break!

Who gossips more? Men or women? I’m sure the ladies are going to say it’s the men while the gentlemen are going to blame the women. I will not let down my gender and strongly believe that times have changed. The present-generation man gossips more than women. Agree? What’s on page 3 today? Who eloped with whom? The men will know it all.

Oh my God! What did I just say? Before someone starts hunting me down for making baseless statements, let me correct myself. It’s not really just the men or just the women. It’s no blame game. Nothing rejuvenates the hearts, minds and souls of Indians as much as gossip does, right? The question of men or women shouldn’t really appear. Fresh, hot and spicy news exalts every Indian’s spirit like nothing else in the world.

My brother-in-law got into the Volvo bus the other day and so did two other gentle IT men. Buses are the ultimate meeting places for the gossip men and gossip women, and Volvo buses, the gossip destination of the IT world. Now, our two IT friends had already taken the world on their shoulders when a lovely lady entered the bus. She turned around, smiled and sat. Whoa! Our worried friends’ faces brightened. One said to the other, “Arey yaar, woh koobsurat ladki tujhe dekhkar hasi!” (That beautiful girl looked at you and smiled!) Looked like their hearts lightened immediately and their worries were all gone. What next?

The man sitting just behind the two boys overheard their conversation. Was he too interested in the girl? He patted one of their backs and said, “Woh ladki meri biwi hai!” (That girl is my wife!) Just imagine what the poor guys must have felt.

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  1. whattt? deepthi? u still remember GM blog..heyyy me happyyyy..thanks 4 passing by buddy..sure u doing stay connected and dont disappear..i still remembr yr first post..a thriller story...take care friend:)